Why kidney and heart patients should not use aloe vera? Knowing the reason, you will not make this mistake

We know that aloe vera is good for skin care and hair care. Aloe Vera is a good Ayurvedic medicine but for some people it does more harm than good. Many times its excessive use can lead to many problems. (These people should avoid the use of Aloe Vera or else it may cause serious side effects.)

Aloe vera also has many side effects. So today we are going to tell you which people should not use aloe vera. If a woman is pregnant, she should avoid it as aloe vera can also cause uterine contractions which can lead to problems like miscarriage and birth defects.

Children should not use aloe vera. Aloe vera should not be given to children under 12 years of age.

Avoid using aloe vera if you have gas problem as it can aggravate gas problem.

Heart patients should stay away from aloe vera as it can have serious side effects. Patients with heart problems should always use aloe vera only after consulting a doctor. Sometimes its excessive use can cause the problem of irregular heart beat in which the body produces too much adrenaline hormone.

If you already have kidney stones, be sure to consult a specialist before consuming aloe vera. Its use can be harmful to the kidneys.



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