What is the valuable and cheap kitchen item that can cure baldness and also cure diabetes and painful joints?

Allah has created many natural things in which cures for diseases are hidden. But there is only one thing that cures all diseases except death. That thing is also present in our home kitchen.

Here we are talking about Kalonji which is the best thing recommended by our Prophet ﷺ which contains the cure for every disease except death.

But are you really aware of the benefits you can get with just a little effort?

These black seeds, which enhance the taste and aroma of food, have several medical benefits due to the presence of vitamins, amino acids, proteins, fatty acids, iron, potassium, calcium and many other components in them.

* How can you benefit from Klonji?

You can use healing kalonji by adding it to your food like yogurt or lemon juice.
Similarly, consuming a few kalonji seeds in breakfast or dinner can be beneficial for your health.
Let us tell you that these precious black seeds protect against which diseases.

1- Avoid sugar

If you are diabetic then it can be controlled with Clonji oil, mix a teaspoon of oil in a cup of black tea in the morning and you will feel the difference in a few weeks.

2- Reduction of joint pain

Take some quantity of kalonji and heat it with mustard oil, when the oil starts to smoke, turn off the stove and let it cool down for some time, then dip your finger in the oil and apply it to the affected areas. But massage well after which you will feel relief.

3- Loss of body weight

Weight gain is also a disease that if not controlled, it can become a disaster for you. For weight loss, add a pinch of kalonji to a mixture of lukewarm water, honey and some lemon extract and make it a habit to drink it daily for some time.

4- Prevent hair fall

Amazingly, kalonji oil helps prevent hair loss and protects against baldness. While it also accelerates hair growth. Heat a small amount of kalonji oil and massage it into the roots of your hair with your fingers and then wash your hair after an hour. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times a week after which you will notice a noticeable difference.

5- Relief from headache

The problem of headache has become very common these days and people often get headaches when summer comes, so to avoid this, massage your forehead with kalonji oil and relax, the headache will disappear soon.



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