Want to save loved ones from suicide? Learn some easy ways

suicide can be prevented: There are many misconceptions about suicide, which should be changed. And as a result, close people can be saved from suicide

Suicide is very painful When a person is mentally disturbed, he withdraws himself from everyone Becomes increasingly depressed Unable to bear the mental pain, he finally commits suicide If someone very close to us suffers from such mental problems, we can save him from committing suicide

There are many misconceptions about suicide that should be changed. And as a result, close people can be saved from suicide We don’t usually talk about suicide with anyone

But the more discussion on this topic, the more suicide can be prevented

1) There is a pattern in many people’s minds, saying that someone wants to commit suicide means that he will never commit suicide. But this idea is completely wrong Psychiatrists often say that positive talk is very beneficial. Also, maintaining an empathetic attitude while listening to someone’s problems can prevent suicide. If someone talks about suicide, he may be really depressed In that case, you should talk to the person on the other end without dismissing this issue And talking to that person might save his life

2) At all times one should take care of the mind of the close person, one should know about his mental situation Because, before someone commits suicide, some abnormality can be noticed in him So, if any abnormality is seen in the loved one, the doctor must be consulted

3) Many believe that once a suicide survivor never commits suicide again But this idea is also completely wrong If a man survives suicide once, he should always be watched It is necessary to know about his mental condition Because, once again that person may get depressed and choose the path of suicide

4) Many people think that no one can commit suicide due to breakup This idea is also completely wrong. Because divorce can have a profound effect on many people’s lives So it is not wrong to choose the path of suicide due to grief due to separation So if someone you know breaks up with him, it is necessary to talk to him

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