Vitamin D deficiency is not the cause of your obesity. What is the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and obesity?

Our body is a machine that needs various vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, iron and various nutrients to run. Deficiency of any of these causes imbalance in the body. And this imbalance manifests itself in different diseases. Vitamin D is also one such essential vitamin that if it is low in the body, it causes many kinds of problems. It is also very easy to obtain, you can get it from the rays of the sun. That is why it can also be called sunshine vitamin. Apart from this, there are some foods from which it is possible to obtain vitamin D.
Pakistan is the lucky country where there is no shortage of sunlight, where the sun shines all year round, yet one report states that 80 percent of Pakistanis are vitamin D deficient, and another report revealed that the world 50 percent of people have been found to be victims of this deficiency or excess. Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for strengthening our bones, brain function and immunity. A study has also found that people who suffer from vitamin D deficiency are more likely to become obese. Therefore, if you are fat, it is not necessarily because you are eating too much, it can also be due to lack of vitamin D. Here we will tell you why the lack of this vitamin leads to excess body fat and weight gain.

Does vitamin D have anything to do with obesity?

It is said that most of the cases are seen in obese or obese people who are deficient in Vitamin D. And when a study was done and these women were given vitamin D supplements, they lost weight faster than other women. For this reason, it has been found that if people want to lose weight, they should start using vitamin D supplements along with diet and exercise to make it easier for them to lose weight. In obese people, vitamin D accumulates in their fat, so such people need more vitamin D. So that they can be active like other people. According to experts, obese people need two to three times more vitamin D than normal people. Otherwise, they fall victim to various diseases.
Bone diseases such as fullness of bones, constant pain in bones, their softening, epilepsy, heart diseases, toothache, hair loss, muscle stiffness, weakness, body pain etc.

All these problems are caused by vitamin D. Deficiency can also be caused, apart from this, there are various reasons for these diseases, but lack of vitamin D is one of them, so if you feel any of these diseases or discomfort, consult a doctor. Do or get a vitamin D test. So that it can be solved immediately. And if the doctor deems it necessary, they will make up for your deficiency with injections or supplements, or if it is necessary with food or sun bath, they will also advise it, so do not try to diagnose any of your diseases by yourself or Google Rather, get a diagnosis from a doctor so that the disease can be properly treated.



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