Turn the heart at the sight of the eyes, trust the worship in almond and fox eye look!

Almond and Fox Eye are going to be trending in this Puja. How will the eye makeup?

A few days left. Only then will the sound of coming in the bowl of Dhak spread in the sky, in the air. Shopping is almost over. Now it’s time for makeup. How to dress to see Tagore one day, now is his plan. And the most important part of makeup is the eyes. Because eye to eye will talk. The person in front can be hypnotized.

Who has not heard of potalchera eyes! In this puja, let the vastness of the almond, the mysteriousness of the fox’s eyes be in the eyes. Oh no kidding, almonds and faux-eyes are going to be trending this year at Pooja. How will the eye makeup? Let’s take a look at that.

Almond: It will form an almond shape. The horizontal line will make the eyes look like laid eggs. A downward tilt of the inside of the eye. Soft wet feel to the touch. The corners of the eyes are almond-shaped, oval on both sides. Line the inner corner of the eye with black gel following the circular shape of the tear duct. Not too dark, light soft black line. It doesn’t make sense to have to do it in black. Brown or dark gray can also be sported.

Lower lashline: First draw a dark brown line. Then it should be smoked. so as to leave a hint that the line is not complete. Now round the upper and lower outer corners of the eyes with the liner. Then that part should be smoked. Black color can also be used instead of brown.

Fox Eye: Fox eye will give a sharp look rather than wide like almond. All lines will be diagonal. The inside of the eye will be sharp, drawn like a bird’s beak, the bottom will be tilted. The outer upper corner should be extended and beveled at the end. A very thin black liner can be used on the inner corner of the eye to bring sharpness. It is best to draw with a pencil first. Finally, foundation should be used.

Keep in mind, the faux eye look is all about exaggeration. This kind of makeup is seen most in movies, serials. So, not in the morning, the faux eye look makeup is best suited during Puja nights.



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