Sparkling nails across the sweet cheetah or wild cheetah! Let your nails shine on Diwali

You can decorate your nails in five minutes sitting at home. Let’s see how to do it in the busyness of Diwali dressing up.


We have read from childhood that nails are a very important part of cleanliness. Clean fingernails are an essential part of maintaining personal hygiene. And for any woman, nail decoration has been a special thing for a long time. Cloves have been used for a long time. In the last few decades, nail polish has taken another dimension at the hands of nail-art. Instead of one-color nail polish, a small nail painted in a mind-like design – such an art entity, Kornish claims.

Nowadays, many women go to nail parlors or studios and spend a lot of money to get their nails done. It has opened the way of earning to many people, it can be said. But not everyone can spend so much money. However, it is not always necessary. You can decorate your nails in five minutes sitting at home. Let’s see how to do it in the busyness of Diwali dressing up.

Strip Designs There are many types of nail art designs available on the internet. But this type of strip nail art is very easy to do. Looks very elegant. This type of nail art can be done using cello tape. Choose any two nail colors. Then make your own design with the help of sellotape.

Wild leopard prints on nails are always in. This type of nail art is very easy to do and looks classy. For this you will need white, black and gray nail colors. A toothpick should be used. Any other color base can be used instead of white if desired.

Scattered nails in nature are almost over. But that Shiuli flower can be kept in one’s own fingernails. Both hands look quite calm and delicate in such a design. To do this, choose a transparent nail paint for the base color. Next, shape a flower with the help of a toothpick. A design like this looks great with all types of outfits. Don’t forget to apply the base coat at the end. So that the flowers are beautiful all the time!



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