Is your forehead looking wide because your hair is thinning? Use these methods in puja

At different times our hair becomes thin due to different reasons. Especially when the front hair is thin, the forehead looks wider. Many people tie their hair tightly when going to bed, because of which the front hair becomes thin.

Every woman has some favorite hairstyles for special occasions. They don’t want to do that hairstyle because the forehead is wide. But this time in Puja (Durga Puja 2022) we don’t have to face this problem anymore. Because we have come up with some simple ways.

Hairline spray

There are many products available in the market these days to reduce hair problems. The best of these products is the hairline spray. It is also available as a powder. The best part is that it blends easily with the hair color. Apply this spray on the areas where there is less hair. This spray will cover the area and no one will even realize that anything has been applied to the hair. It will give the hair a fuller look. Using this will not make the forehead look wider.

Wigs or bangs

Bangs or a wig can be used to conceal a wide forehead. It will add volume to the hair. To apply bangs, the hair must be combed first. Now use dry shampoo. It will protect the bangs in the hair. Now the bangs should be set in the crown area of ​​the head or in the middle of the palm. If the length of the bangs is longer, it can be cut to your liking.

Advantages of Blow Dryers

Blow dryers are not only used for drying hair. Blow dryers can also be used to add volume to hair. Comb the hair and then use a blow dryer on a low setting from the front. This will make the hair look heavy and the forehead will not look wide.

Be aware of the haircut

Changing the haircut also changes the shape of the face. So pay attention to how the hair is cut. Flex haircuts can be done to cover a wide forehead. It is very important to get the length of the flakes right as they can come in front of the eyes, which can cause problems. So long flakes should be cut and blow dried.

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