Give up Diwali light! Hair will be shiny with the touch of milk, know how to apply it

Many people are doing keratin treatment on their hair these days. Going to a parlor or salon for this keratin treatment puts a lot of pressure on the pocket. If you want to avoid it, you can use this home remedy.

Who doesn’t dream of a cloud-covered black hair! But due to busy lifestyle, that dream remains elusive for most of the girls. In fact, one shield needs proper care for thick and dark hair. And the lack of time mainly creates the lack of care. As a result, hair falls prematurely due to it. And to avoid thousands of hair problems, protein treatment should be started from now.

But how? Hair protein treatment can be done at home instead of spending lots of money going to a parlor or salon. It will not cost much. Actually that ingredient is hidden in our kitchen. And with the touch of domestic natural ingredients, the hair will be soft and silky. So, don’t you see what material is being talked about?

In fact, Diwali is ahead. So this Dipanbita festival of lights one can rely on the home ingredient milk for protein treatment of hair. We all know about the benefits of milk in skin care along with the benefits of milk. This time milk can also be used for hair care. And if you do a protein treatment with milk before Diwali, your hair will become shiny and bright like light!

How to do protein treatment on hair through milk?


1 cup of cow’s milk 1 tablespoon of honey 1 vitamin-E capsule 2 tablespoons of multani soil


To do the protein treatment on the hair, you have to shampoo it well first. After that, the hair should be dried at room temperature. Do not use hair dryer. Do not apply any serum or oil to the hair after drying.

Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and make a paste. This time it’s time to apply the mixture from root to tip.

However, before using this mixture on the hair, the hair should be divided into small sections. After that, the mixture should be applied by massaging the hair with light hands.

In this way, the mixture should be applied to the hair for about 30-40 minutes. At this time, wait until the mixture dries on the hair. However, it will not work if you tie your hair.

When the mixture dries on the hair, the hair should be washed with normal water. After that, the hair should be dried naturally again at room temperature. It will make the hair more beautiful, shiny and soft.

But it is good to keep one thing in mind that Multani mati dries the hair. So after doing protein treatment on hair, deep oiling treatment should be done. A good shampoo the next day will make your hair shiny and beautiful.

And protein treatment twice a month will give great results.

Benefits of using milk for hair care:

When milk is used in hair care, it nourishes the hair from within. Protein needs of hair are also met. And milk is an ingredient that also strengthens the hair follicles. Especially those who are suffering from hair loss problem, using milk for hair care will get great results.

Ingredients like milk are great for hair. Because it eliminates the problem of hair tangling. As a result, the problem of hair becoming brittle is also eliminated. Not only that, the hair becomes softer as well. This treatment is great even for those who prefer straight hair.

Most of the people complain that the density of hair is decreasing. As a result, the beauty is also getting lost. For them, this treatment is simply amazing. Because protein treatment through milk makes hair appear thicker.

Many people are doing keratin treatment on their hair these days. Going to a parlor or salon for this keratin treatment puts a lot of pressure on the pocket. If you want to avoid it, you can use this home remedy. Milk protein treatments work much the same as keratin treatments. As a result, that money is saved! And with it, no chemicals have to be applied to the hair! And we know that home ingredients or home remedies are always very good for our hair or skin. Because such ingredients do not damage the hair, but save from damage!

Disclaimer: This report is for general information only, so always seek expert advice for details.



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