Face Bleach Precautions: Are you bleaching your face following these rules? Otherwise, it’s doomed

Not bleaching properly can cause damage. So before bleaching, it is necessary to know a few things.

Bleaching gives a special kind of jella on the face. It covers the hair in the mouth. The method of bleaching is also very simple. But it should be remembered that bleach contains special chemicals. So not bleaching properly can cause damage.

Bleach is now also available for skin lightening. Bleach is also available to even out skin tone. Reputable companies claim that their bleach is organic. But bleach contains chemicals.

Keep it for only ten minutes

Bleach is enough to keep it on the face for only ten minutes. The idea that keeping it for a long time will give you more benefits is wrong. Bleach contains chlorine. So if the bleach is on the face for a long time, the skin may burn or the skin may be allergic.

Better to bleach at night

The best time to bleach is before going to bed at night. Bleach ten minutes before going to bed and then apply moisturizer or night cream on the face. However, bleach cannot be kept on the face overnight, it will burn the skin. The skin should be given time at night to heal the skin damage.

Clean the face

Bleaching is of no use if the skin is impure. Bleach cannot penetrate the pores of the skin if they are clogged with dirt. Conversely, applying bleach to an unclean face can cause acne.

Can’t get out without bleaching

It is best not to go outside for at least 48 hours after bleaching. It can make the skin very sensitive. Sun exposure can also cause itching or rash.

Do not apply to sensitive areas

Avoid applying bleach around the eyes and lips. Bleach can be applied to the face and neck or neck. It is best not to bleach more than twice in a month.



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