Durga Puja 2022: Navami morning dress up to be subtle yet gorgeous! Chikonkari from Mekhla may be the first choice

It is better to choose traditional clothes for Navami morning wear. But you can opt for a traditional yet slightly different outfit…

The morning of Navami appeared just before Ashtami Anjali and Sandhi Puja. Even if there is joy in the heart, there is a touch of sadness somewhere in it. But the ninth! What if you don’t dress up? So Navami’s morning outfit should be subtle yet gorgeous. Because of that, a slightly different look can be created. And if you bring such a look, you can become unique in the crowd of Pujo Pandals. So we will give you the tips for an eye-catching look on the morning of Navami.

Girls Clothing:

It is better to choose traditional clothes for Navami morning wear. But for a traditional yet slightly different style of dress, you can choose Assam’s Mekhla. Girls can choose cotton mekhla if they don’t want to wear silk mekhla in the morning. If you wear bright colored mekhla of your choice, all eyes will be on you. Mekhla is also worn by many! For a slightly different look, Kerala set mundu can also be chosen. Cotton white set mundu with golden border will add a different dimension to the look as well as comfort. Another important thing, set mundu is usually white shell, only the border color is different. Even if you don’t want to try something like this, there is a way. In that case white or light colored cotton chikankari saree can be chosen. Kolhapuri style sandals or flat sandals should be worn with this type of outfit. But we can team-up with a chic saree with embellished shoes.

Make-up and Hairstyle:

It is better to keep the make-up light with the morning outfit. But the eyes should be drawn in traditional style. Lips should be painted with light or nude shade lipstick. And don’t forget to wear tip! If the hair is left, a thick garland of fresh jasmine flowers can be applied. Or even if the hair is tied in a bun, a flower garland can be attached to it. But yes, if you are wearing a red-black or red-white combination dress, you can put jaba flower garlands on your bangs. It will give a different look.

The key to being different

Tribal jewelery of naga beads can be chosen keeping in harmony with the color when wearing mekhla in the morning of Navami. But if you don’t want to wear jewelry, you can carry a cane sling bag. If you are planning to wear Kerala set mundu then you must choose Temple Jewellery. Styling in this way will make any girl stand out in the crowd. And with the chikonkari saree, a suitable traditional potli style bag should be taken as an accessory.

Boys Clothing:

Boys can wear short kurtas with jeans on the morning of Navami. Pajama-Punjabi can be worn again. But layering an ethnic motif jacket over a Punjabi or kurta will also look great. If you don’t want to wear a jacket in summer, you can opt for Chikonkari work Punjabi. But in that case, instead of wearing a gaudy chikonkari kurta, opt for a light chikonkari work punjabi. A kurta with slight chikankari work near the neck or near the shoulders will attract more attention on the morning of Navami. And don’t forget to wear ethnic style strappy sandals!

The key to being different:

If you wear light color and light work kurta or Punjabi, boys can choose traditional shoes made of fabric like Ikkat. These types of shoes are available in many boutiques and even online!

Special issue – Even though the power of Corona has decreased, the virus has not left yet. So don’t forget to cover your nose and mouth with a mask while going to overcrowded places. If necessary, go out with a mask that matches the clothes.



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