Do you know why women grow facial hair? These 5 things are the reason..!

For some women, excessive facial hair growth is a bigger problem than skin problems like acne and blackheads.

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For some women, excessive facial hair growth is a bigger problem than skin problems like acne and blackheads. Thin, pale hair known as cat fur is found in abundance on the beard, upper lip, chin, lower neck, and chin.

Due to this, not only the beauty of women but also their self-confidence becomes a big question. Especially in women like men, excessive growth of beard and mustache is called hirsutism. The hormone ‘testosterone’, which can increase masculinity, is secreted in large quantities in the body of women, which causes excessive hair growth in women.

Apart from this, here are 5 reasons why women grow more facial hair…

1. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS):

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a major cause of excessive facial hair growth in women known as hirsutism. PCOS causes cysts to form in the uterus, causing problems with the menstrual cycle and conceiving naturally. Women with this disorder, which affects hormonal balance, are also 85 percent more likely to develop facial hair. Symptoms of PCOS include acne, weight gain, skin tags, hair loss and fertility problems.

2. Cushing’s Syndrome:

Cushing’s syndrome is a hormone deficiency. It occurs when the production of the stress hormone cortisol increases. It comes from the adrenal glands and is deposited in the kidneys, helping to regulate blood sugar, maintain blood pressure, convert food into energy, and reduce inflammation.

Symptoms of excess cortisol production include weight gain, acne, fatigue, depression, hair loss, high blood pressure, sleep problems, and high blood sugar levels.

3. Medicines :

Doctors say women taking endometriosis treatment are more likely to develop hirsutism. Because they can stimulate the production of testosterone hormone. An increase in these male hormones leads to excessive hair growth on the female body.

4. Adrenal Gland Disorders :

Hirsutism can also result from adrenal gland disorders such as tumors and cancer. An adrenal tumor can lead to overproduction of hormones, which can affect blood pressure and sugar levels. It also causes headaches, fatigue, weight loss, irregular periods and weight gain.

5. Other reasons:

Hereditary factors play an important role in excessive facial hair growth in women. If someone in the family has PCOS problem, the next generation of women will have more problems with facial hair growth. Women living in Mediterranean, South Asian and Middle Eastern countries are said to have more facial hair due to their heritage. Also, obesity increases the production of androgens and causes facial hair growth.



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