Corolla ritual to stay healthy! This special recipe can reduce diabetes

Bitter gourd pickle is good for Diabetes: Corolla is a very beneficial vegetable for diabetic patients The phytonutrient Polypeptide-P in Corolla helps to maintain normal sugar levels in the body.

As a vegetable, there is no shortage of gourds But, eating bitter gourd pickle can reduce problems like diabetes Bitter gourd also helps to keep the insulin level in the body correct Due to the high amount of nutrition in bitter gourd, nutritionists recommend eating bitter gourd daily

There are some special recipes for eating bitter gourd If you make some special recipes of bitter gourd, it will be good to eat and it will also provide nutrients One such special recipe is Corolla Pickle By eating this pickle, you will get a completely different taste of bitter gourd and get relief from various diseases

So let’s see how to make this cucumber pickle?

Some special ingredients are required to make bitter gourd pickle-
1) 7 to 8 large gourds

2) Vinegar or lemon juice-1 tsp

3) Asafoetida

4) Mustard oil- 1 cup

5) Hot spices

6) Cumin – 2 tsp

7) Fenugreek- 2 spoons

8) Salt-3 tsp

9) Fennel- 4 spoons

10) Bit salt- 1 tsp

11) White mustard paste-2 spoons

12) Chilli batter – 1 tsp

13) Turmeric batter-1 spoon

How to make this special ritual?

First, 7-8 gourds should be rounded and cut well Then salt the gourd well and leave it for a while Salted gourd should be boiled in hot water for about 5 minutes When the bitter gourd is fully cooked, drain the excess water and dry it on a dry cloth for about 2-3 hours.

Now fry well in a dry pan with asafoetida, cumin, fennel until the color of the spices turns red.

Then grind the red spices together Then mix it well with the fried spices prepared in dry bitter gourd Then add some lemon juice to this mixture of bitter gourd and fried spices Vinegar can also be used instead of lemon juice Then this prepared mixture of bitter gourd and spices should be exposed to the sun every day After about 4 days this gourd pickle can be eaten

According to experts, bitter gourd is a very beneficial vegetable for diabetic patients The phytonutrient Polypeptide-P in bitter gourd helps in maintaining normal sugar levels in the body. So this pickle can be eaten to keep good health

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